Ask Vriska
Your name is VRISKA SERKET.

You are a master of EXTREME ROLE PLAYING.
Your lusus is VERY HUNGRY, ALL THE TIME. She can only be appeased by the FLESH OF YOUNG TROLLS.
You are also something of an APOCALYPSE BUFF. Your abilities were hobbled with the loss of your VISION EIGHTFOLD, and you have since sought alternatives through various BLACK ORACLES and with each you destroy, you add to a stockpile of TERRIBLE LUCK.

ask some shit i guess

Anonymous sent:

What do you think about Kanaya?

Anonymous sent:

isnt your fire more iron than fire by now like just a pit of red hot metal

No, the f8re always gets 8igger. End of story.

I Think I Need to Have a Serious Talk With You Guys


You see, there are now exactly 50 of you. That’s pretty awesome, right? Yeah, it is. 8ut the thing is, none of you are sending me questions. And that can get pretty annoying, you know? Just sitting here, staring and my choice 8log and whoa look; Zero asks to answer. I need questions to answer, other wise I might as well shut down this 8log. I know I have 8etter things to do than just hang around on my 8log all day, so if I don’t start getting asks soon, the 8log is going to go down. ::::(

In the meantime, I’m going to go see if I can 8other my scourge sister.

I’ll re8log this later for the losers who missed it the first time.

((I apologize for being gone for so long. I’ve been really busy, but I’ll try to get to all the asks. Thanks for being patient.

Also, gomen. I can’t draw.))

Send me some asks or I’m going to have to start feeding you guys to sp8dermom and we don’t want that, do we?


((OCC: Sorry about the crappy art! D: ))

Oh look who decided to join the party! Hello Scouge Sis, welcome aboard. A 8it l8 aren’t we?

((OCC: Hey, go check out this blog guys!))

Nepeta, I’m making an apocalyptic device. Get you’re furry ass outta here.

((Lol nice pun btw))